Become BOTH a Certified RMR Facilitator and EFT Practioner in the next 12 months!

Learn how to partner with Holy Spirit, see people's lives supernaturally transformed by the power of God, and watch others experience the wholeness of Jesus through their union with Him!

The RMR/EFT Certification is not just a class...

It's a Transformational Journey!

When you dive into the wonderful world of supernatural mind renewal and learn how the RMR and EFT modalities work, you embark on a powerful journey to understand how God created the human mind, body, and spirit to work together in the healing and mind renewal process...  And as you put into practice what you are learning, your life changes. It is inevitable. In fact, it is built into the very fabric of the certification process. 


In your journey to getting certified, you begin by first working on yourself. As someone who has been on my own inner healing journey with the Holy Spirit for over 30 years, I firmly believe that this is the only way to be great at ministering healing to others. You must first do the work to heal yourself. And in so doing, you not only learn the various techniques, you learn what it feels like to be transformed and set free. 


You feel yourself getting lighter as your own judgments and triggers are released and healed. You feel the subconscious blocks that used to hold you back fall away. And you understand what your clients will be going through too. As you heal yourself, you learn to heal others. And in the end, you do your part in healing the world in union with Jesus.


By the time you are certified, in a little less than a year, you will find that you are no longer the same person you were when you started. Your perception shifts. Your perspectives change. Your awareness heightens. Your consciousness of the spirit realm expands. This is a transformational journey to find your authentic self and live an authentic life.

In the RMR/EFT Certification course, you'll learn how to:

  • Lead people into life-changing encounters with God that radically heal their hearts, minds, and bodies

  • Partner with the Holy Spirit to heal emotional triggers, painful memories, and traumatic experiences

  • Receive healing for yourself and experience supernatural mind renewal

  • Minister wholeness to others through the power of the Holy Spirit

  • Help people release the blocks that are hindering them from connecting with God or experiencing healing

  • Hear God’s voice clearly as you minister to others and flow in the gifts of the Spirit

  • Conduct powerful 1:1 and group sessions with clients that lead to radical transformatiom

  • Identify the subconscious root causes of people's emotional and physical pain

  • AND… do all of this the same way Jesus did  - by allowing the Father to do the work through you!

What You'll Get

When you enroll in the RMR/EFT Certification Course, you get access to the training and tools you need to confidently work with clients:

Online Training

November 4th - 6th and May 5th - 7th, you'll join Schlyce and other certified instructors live on Zoom for classroom instruction and demonstration. If you cannot make the dates live, you can watch the recordings.

Coaching Calls

Weekly Q&A coaching calls with Schlyce and other certified instructors provide the support you need as you get certified and give you the opportunity to ask questions, watch live demos, and interact with others.


Partner Work

You'll also be assigned a partner at various points during the course so that you can regularly practice the RMR Framework and EFT skills you are learning to gain greater confidence and proficiency with the tools and modalities.  


Practice Sessions

As you proceed through RMR and EFT certification process, you will participate in live client sessions (9 for RMR and 9 for EFT) where you will observe, co-lead, and lead while being observed to ensure mastery of the material and consistent client results.


As a Rethink Certified RMR Facilitor and EFT Practioner, you'll become a part of a powerful referral network and gain access to our online community and communication forums so that you can stay connected and get support from  other certified facilitiators.

Ongoing Support

Once you complete the certification process, you'll be eligible for on-going support from Rethink's certified instructors through monthly training sessions, regular Q&A sessions, email support, and a growing knowledgebase of FAQ within the student portal.  

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May - October

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