Client Testimonials

If there is any cry of your heart that is longing to  know your purpose - do Emerge! It’s so worth it. There's nothing like waking up everyday living the life you were created to live!


Transformation Coach

After Emerge, I now show up on the scene knowing Jesus is on the scene with me. My level of boldness and confidence has increased so much. I’m no longer waiting on Jesus, we are one.



Emerge taught me to give myself time to stop and listen to the Holy Spirit. Now that I’ve found that connection, I am truly Spirit-led. It’s understanding that God is in you and my complete union with Him.


Health Coach

Emerge is the best foundation you can have to hear God’s voice for yourself. I feel so much more focused and empowered to go after what I was made to do. I’m so excited. God is on my side and I now have the tools I need to pursue my dreams.


Business Owner

Since taking Emerge I encounter the love of God everywhere. Experiencing oneness with Jesus changed everything. I’m not rejected, but accepted and loved. It is a different world for me​.


Ministry Leader

It is such an adventure to be able to walk everyday with the Holy Spirit and to hear from Him 24/7. Not just about how much I’m loved, but about every decision I need to be able to move forward in partnership with Him. It’s extraordinary.



Emerge gave me clarity. It is amazing how religion impacts the way we view ministry. I now know the direction and next steps to take with my ministry. It's being built how God designed it.


Ministry Founder

My life has radically changed since Emerge. It’s been nothing short of amazing. The biggest change is my one-on-one relationship with the Holy Spirit. After 30 years of being a Christian I am walking a whole new walk with the Lord. Now I simply hear and do.



After Emerge I finally understand what it means for God to be my Father. We are on an adventure through my life and God is the pilot. He knows where we are going and he is going to get us to my destiny one step at a time as I follow His lead.



Since Emerge my relationship with God is completely different. I hear him clearly and I feel like I walk with him constantly. Now that I know I’m one with Him, my self-esteem and confidence has soared. I finally see myself as God sees me.


Business Owner

Through Emerge I received a powerful revelation of just how much God loves me. Through experiencing my union with Him, I now realize that there is nothing separating us and there will never be anything that can. Our oneness is a done deal!


Prophetic Coach/Consultant

Since Emerge I know God is always present. He is always with me. And I love how I can go to Him with absolutely anything. It is wonderful having the kind of close relationship with Him where I hear from Him all the time.



After Emerge I am in love with Jesus all over again. It’s better than when I first got saved. I’m absolutely head over heels madly in love with Jesus and so excited for my future.



Emerge taught me how to clearly hear God. The things He tells me to do, I do. It is so exciting to walk with Him and see each Him work through me as I fulfill my purpose.


Portrait Photographer

I can now sit down, seek God’s heart, and ask Him questions. I have an ongoing dialogue with Him and am confident that I am following His plan for my life every day.



Through Emerge God has revealed to me a oneness that I have never experienced before.. and it is so exciting. Every day is an adventure that I get to experience with Him.



Since Emerge I have a lot more peace. I now experience what real union with God is like. I’m know I'm one with God and I can live out of a place of deep intimacy with Him.



Since Emerge my relationship with God is at a level I didn’t know was possible. It’s amazing! The God that created everything speaks to me... He doesn’t hold anything back.



Through Emerge my relationship with God has transformed. He speaks to me so clearly. There is so much strength that comes from my ability to hear from him. I feel much more secure and confident.



Emerge has been pivotal for me. Pivotal in that things that seemed important to me aren’t as important anymore. Now that I know where I’m headed and how I’m getting there, I realize what really matters. Fulfilling my purpose!



Through Emerge I learned how God speaks directly to me. He has specific things to say to me and specific things for me to do. I now have such an intimate relationship with Him. Our relationship is an intimate, playful, and fun adventure.


Business Owner

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